Magic Expert pyramid - Classy Lilly (Pack of 4)


HIT Magic Expert Pyramid is a dynamic product designed in a 4 Sheets Mosquito killing Paper Coil that opens up in a Pyramid shape. The unique Pest Control HIT Dot technology is four times more effective. It produces remarkably Less Smoke as compared to regular coils. Hit Coil protects you and your family from harmful Mosquito bites. The new generation of HIT Coil is a paper-based pyramid shape that maximizes the effect and helps kill mosquitos. The product is available in 2 natural fragrances (Classy Lilly) that keep the room fresh and safe.

Main Features

  • Uniquely shaped paper
  • 4 X Less Smoke
  • Effective for 10
  • Effective for all types of mosquitos
  • Fragrance Classy Lilly


How to Use?

  • Lift up the suspension to prepare for attaching the coil.
  • Place 1 sheet of HIT magic expert on the folding suspension.
  • Light the tip of the paper with a matchstick carefully.
  • Put out the flames right away.
  • Allow the ember to gradually burn the paper.
  • The fragrance emitting from the paper is a sign that HIT expert protection is in effect.




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